Biologichem LLC has introduced a range of low cost, high purity chemical products that are most often used in biotech research and development.  These products are offered at significantly lower costs than current web catalog distributors such as Fisher, Sigma, MP Bio and others.  Our focus is to provide high purity products, purchase in bulk from qualified suppliers, exclusively offer web based sales and promotion to minimize overhead costs, perform confirming quality control testing in-house, and maintain the same supply source over time, so customers can be confident that they are being provided the same high quality product month-to-month and year-to-year at the lowest cost.

Is there a particular chemical product that you use a significant amount of and you are seeking a lower cost supplier?  Please let us know.  We are continually seeking to expand our product portfolio and will add products to fill customer needs.

All products are issued with a certificate of analysis.  We offer free shipping within USA and can accept payment by purchase order, credit card, or Paypal.  Please contact us in regards to bulk discounts for larger quantities.

If you would like to be included in our mailing list, please supply your email address.  We will provide new product announcements, as they are introduced.  Thank you for your interest.