Organic Synthesis

Biologichem LLC has experience in the synthesis of organic chemical products which may be of interest to the pharmaceutical, biotech, and fine chemical industries.  We have expertise in a number of enabling technologies that offer unique capabilities for synthesis in the areas of oxidation, reduction and carbon-carbon bond formation.  These include direct electrochemical synthesis, indirect electrochemical synthesis via regeneration of an oxidizing or reducing reagent, and a number of carbon-carbon coupling reactions.  The use of phase transfer catalysis can also offer additional advantages.

In many cases an electrochemical step performed under milder conditions may offer greater selectivity and a higher yield than the corresponding chemical step.  It may also be possible to avoid the use of a hazardous reagent that would be difficult to utilize on a larger scale.  Electrochemical regeneration of an inorganic reagent may also significantly lower the cost of the desired reaction and minimize or eliminate a potential waste stream.  Inorganic electro-generated reagents can include Ce, Mn, Cr, Co, as well as halonium and peroxy ions.  The use of an electrochemical step may also provide the opportunity to create and patent new intellectual property.

We also offer technology development in the area of product recovery.  The by-products of many organic synthesis reactions often include inorganic salts, acids or bases which make product recovery difficult.  Crystallization yield and purity is often impacted.  We have developed ion exchange and membrane based technologies such as electrodialysis and nanofiltration to remove by-products to be able to significantly increase crystallization yields.

How can we work with your company?

We work with companies in a variety of ways.  The first is simply utilizing our capabilities to produce the desired product in the quantity required as a direct sale.  In many cases, a more collaborative arrangement makes the most sense:

1) We offer a no-cost initial consultation which allows us the opportunity to define how we might be able to produce the product, assess the need for development work, and what would be required to produce the product on a commercial scale (within Biologichem or within the customer’s business).  We are always willing to sign a confidentiality agreement to protect any sensitive information.

2) The next step will be dependent on the efforts required to meet the customer’s needs.  This could be a purchase contract, development contract including larger scale production, research and development services contract, or an initial consulting contract to provide information and ideas.  All written contracts will include a detailed budget, defined term of performance and milestones, as well as intellectual property rights and ownership.  R&D contracts typically assign any new intellectual property discovered or developed to the customer.

3) Biologichem currently has the capability to produce products at laboratory scale up to multi-kilo scale.  In many cases, customers would prefer to maintain production of new products in-house.  Biologichem is very interested in assisting with piloting and commercial development of processes at the customer’s site.  In regards to specific technologies, such as electrosynthesis or electrodialysis, Biologichem can work with equipment suppliers to assist with planning, engineering services, installation, safety, start-up and trouble-shooting.

Please feel free to contact us by telephone or email.  We look forward to hearing from you.