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The efforts that led to the birth of Biologichem LLC in July, 2014 were initiated many years previously by the principals whose combined chemical and chemical engineering expertise created a fine chemical manufacturing company that supplied bulk buffers and amino acid derivatives to customers in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.  This included GMP manufacturing capability, quality assurance and quality control laboratory operations, supplier qualification and sourcing, as well as product packaging, warehousing, and delivery of high purity products to meet customer needs.  This led to the successful merger and acquisition of that company, freeing the principals and providing a new opportunity to utilize the expertise gained to expand in a new direction.

Biologichem LLC has therefore been created to provide products and services that will impact the research, development, and production of new drugs, treatments, and diagnostics that will impact the human condition.  These will be delivered in a four tier approach to serve a wide range of customers. 

The first tier is to offer a range of low cost, high purity products to individual researchers that are most used in biotech related research and development.  These products will be offered at significantly lower costs than current catalog distributors.  Our focus will be to qualify high purity suppliers for each product, order directly from the manufacturers in bulk, limit product range to the highest volume products, provide web based sales and promotion to minimize overhead costs, test products in-house, and maintain the same supply sources over time, so customers can be confident that they are being provided the same high quality product month-to-month and year-to-year.

The second tier will be to offer these same products in bulk for use in further manufacturing and production for customers involved with manufacture of pharmaceutical and biotechnology related products.  We will provide lot traceability, laboratory testing, supplier qualification, meet customer specification needs, and follow standard operating procedures to conform to IPEC GMP requirements.

The third tier will be to directly manufacture additional products based on our enabling technologies.  These products will be higher value, and will be offered directly to customers at significantly lower prices, avoiding distributor markups, and large company overheads.  These products will be manufactured under IPEC GMP requirements.

The fourth tier involves offering R&D services to companies which will provide lower cost production of desired products utilizing our enabling technologies, as well as to develop routes to new chemical entities which will be lower cost and environmentally friendly.  These enabling technologies include direct electrosynthesis methods, electrochemical generation of reagents, and phase transfer catalysis, as well as product purification technologies utilizing electrodialysis, nanofiltration, ion exchange, and unique crystallization methods.

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